by the General Secretary
Welcome to the First Annual General Meeting of the International Necronautical Society.
The International Necronautical Society was launched in 1999, along with a manifesto declaring that "Death is a type of space, which we intend to map, enter, colonise and, eventually, inhabit".
A committee was formed, its members set the task of bringing death out into the world. This consisted of charting all its forms and media, and all sites where its processes and avatars are active: in the arts, in science and technology, in culture and society.
Today, we will be hearing interim reports into their research and findings. These, and the motions many of them contain, should move us closer to the realisation of our ultimate goal, the construction of a craft (a vehicle or a set of practises) that will convey us into death in such a way that we may, if not live, then at least persist.
So without more ado, we'll move straight to the depositions. I call first on the Events Organiser and Obituary Reviewer.