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Official Document

Title: First Committee Purges

Type: INS proclamation

Authorised: First Committee, INS

Authorisation Code: TMcC150903

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In accordance with the proclamation of the INS Executive Council, the following have been dismissed from the INS First Committee:

----- -----
---- ------
----- --------
----- ----
---- ------

[Modification, 8/2/09: The names of former committee-members expelled from the INS have been suppressed by order of the INS Executive Council. A statement will be issued shortly.]

Additional Comments:

1. ----- ----- and ---- ------ are expelled as they have become complicit with a publishing industry whereby the 'writer' becomes merely the executor of a brief dictated by corporate market research, reasserting the certainties of middle-brow aesthetics ('issues' of 'contemporary culture', 'post-colonial identity' etc.) under the guise of genuine creative speculation. The INS Executive Council expresses some sympathy towards both ----- and ------, and recognises that they had to write 'to order' in this way in order to be published by the corporate presses in the first place. However, their decision to do so renders them useless to the INS.

2. ----- -------- demonstrated his unworthiness for the post of Head Philosopher by asking to leave the INS. Since Paragraph Three of the First Manifesto of Necronautism states that 'We are all necronauts, always, already,' 'unbecoming' one is not an option. In attempting to resign from the organisation, -------- failed to understand that one cannot leave the organisation, and is consequently expelled from the organisation.

3. ----- ---- is expelled with regret. Having accepted the task of conducting research into the possibility of synthesising Thanadrine™ in his role as Head of the INS's Techno-Chemical Division, he has rendered himself useless to the INS as a result of drug dependency in the form of an addiction to the self-serving Marxist mannerism that is the opiate of the hypocritical bourgeoisie.

4. At the First Committee Hearings, Lux Gallery, London, 1999, ---- ------ accepted the role of Experimental Volunteer. However, despite submitting a well-researched report into a police reconstruction of a missing girl's last movements (to be published shortly on the INS's website), at no point since 1999 has he deliberately placed his life in danger, nor has he been involved in a serious accident, outbreak of disease or natural disaster. ------ is therefore expelled from the INS for not being dead.

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In accordance with the proclamation of the INS Executive Council, the following have been appointed to the INS First Committee:

Laura Hopkins
Simon Critchley
Anthony Auerbach
Isabel Rocamora

Additional Comments:

1. Laura Hopkins is appointed to the post of Environmental Engineer, having impressed the INS Executive Council with her work at the English National Opera and Globe Theatre and subsequently under contract for the INS in November 2002, when she created an environment in the Cubitt Gallery for the Second First Committee Hearings: Transmission, Death, Technology that appropriated and repurposed the formal aspects of both the House Un-American Activities Hearings and the interrogation scenes in Jean Cocteau's Orphée and Le Testament d'Orphée. Since the Shooting History Project at the DasArts Foundation in September-October 2001, notions of event-space and event-structure have become prominent within INS thinking, and environmental Engineering has consequently become a major facet of the INS's work.

2. Simon Critchley is formally appointed to the post of Chief Philosopher, having already acted unofficially in this capacity for a number of years by infecting the bloodstream of an otherwise un-necronautical Anglo-American philosophical culture with the viral and necrotic work of continental philosophers such as Blanchot, Heidegger, Levinas and Derrida, through his publication of works such as Very Littleń Almost Nothing: Death, Philosophy, Literature and The Ethics of Deconstruction. Since he has been openly collaborating with the INS from 2000 onwards, and continues to work closely with General Secretary Tom McCarthy co-authoring papers elaborating the relationship between death, money, meaning and ethics in the work of Joyce and Shakespeare, subsequently using the international conferences at which these papers are delivered as recruitment grounds for INS associates, and in view of his impending move from London to New York where he will take up the post of Head of Philosophy at the New School, the INS Executive Council consider that he is henceforth of more value to the organisation as an official spokesman than as a covert agent.

3. Anthony Auerbach is appointed as Chief of Propaganda (Archiving and Epistemological Critique). The INS's increasing activity in the fields of communications, publishing and media manipulation, infiltration and control has necessitated the appointment of a propagandist at a high level within the organisation. The INS holds that the theory of knowledge should be the organisation's chief instrument of internal security and it is in accordance with the necronautical project's anti-positivistic approach that the history of the organisation should be entrusted to a propagandist. Auerbach also serves on the INS Communications and Encodings Group, which is currently configuring the INS Radio Broadcast Station (to be hosted at ICA, London, April 2004) and is preparing aerial reconnaissance strategies for the INS Inspectorate mission to Berlin (2004).

4. Isabel Rocamora is appointed to the post of First Flight Officer. Having worked for several years as an 'anti-gravity artist', presenting aerial performances at venues such as Tate Modern, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Banff Centre, Canada, and in view of her past collaborations with the admirably necrospatially-aware novelist Alain Robbe-Grillet, who attempted to seduce her, and the late astronaut David Brown, who taught her to fly aeroplanes, Rocamora is considered by the Executive Council a desirable, if flighty, First Committee member. Her role, complimenting the research currently being carried out by Chief Obituary Reviewer Melissa McCarthy and Head of Propaganda Anthony Auerbach into aerial photography, will involve lofty suspension from the First Committee, a state of being both attached to and aloof from the latter, like a tethered balloon.

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